Why Are Dental Implants Cheaper in Turkey?

Why Are Dental Implants Cheaper in Turkey?

Patients prefer to travel to different countries to receive professional treatment services at affordable costs. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for health tourism globally in the field of dental health.

Especially in countries with high annual per capita income, health and insurance services can reach significant costs. Therefore, patients in these countries are looking for locations that can offer low treatment costs and professional treatment services.

Turkey has become one of the preferred and recommended destinations for patients as it offers significantly lower costs for dental implant services as well as other touristic activities.

In Turkey, the support of health tourism by the state and the exemption of clinics from taxes, the high nominal exchange rate, low clinic and employee costs, cheap and easy access to many countries with geographical suitability, free services, no extra charges cause dental implant treatment costs to decrease up to 1 in 4 compared to the USA, UK and most European countries.

Dental implant includes many different treatment procedures depending on the patient’s condition. The implant treatment plan requires some examinations by a specialist dentist to determine the patient’s suitability for treatment.

Dental implants can be applied to a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full mouth. The cost of treatment will vary according to the treatment stages that will be completely customized for the patient.

The dentist carefully evaluates whether the patient has chronic diseases and past disease histories to avoid any negativity during the treatment process. Then, detailed analyzes are performed with examination, computed tomography and 3D imaging. The treatment is completed with the intervention of the area to be treated in the jawbone by the oral surgeon when necessary, implant installation, abutment placement, production and application of artificial tooth coatings suitable for smile design.

The treatment process should not be rushed due to time constraints. There is a possibility of serious health problems if possible infections progress. It would be advantageous for the patient to plan his/her work in his/her home country, taking into account the treatment process and delays.

The patient is informed by the dentist about the issues to be considered in the post-treatment process in order for the treatment to be successful. Possible complications can be prevented with examination sessions at specified periodic control intervals. If the patient pays attention to oral health and the food consumed, the implants can be used without any problems for a lifetime of 20 years.

Patients who receive treatment in professional and authorized clinics often express their satisfaction. When they go back to their home countries, they tell about their experiences in Turkey to their friends and family, thus guiding other patients who are in the process of deciding on health tourism.