What Causes Tooth Pain?

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Waking up suddenly in the night with a toothache that causes a throbbing headache can be the beginning of a problem that can end up at the dentists. Many people can have this experience. Such severe pain could be a sign of extensive tooth decay.

Caries at the inital level can cause short-term pain in teeth especially when eating or drinking cold or sweet things. Advanced caries or cavities can cause long-lasting pain when eating or drinking hot things or without any reason at all. Untreated caries can progress to the centre of the tooth, causing inflamation around the root tip or cause a dental abscess. This will cause severe pain.

Pains in the form of short-term electric shock type pain when eating ice-cream or drinking cold drinks, can be caused by abrasions on the surface of the tooth which can occur due to brushing your teeth too hard or your teeth being too crowded together and rubbing against eachother. In addition, unintentionally clenching and grinding your teeth during the day or when you are sleeping can also cause extensive pain in the teeth.

When the wisdom teeth erupt into the mouth, there might be severe pain in the surrounding teeth and tissue due to space stenosis (lack of room for the wisdom tooth to erupt).

Due to orthodontic treatment, short-term pain may occur due to the movement of the teeth.

Gum abscesses caused by gum disease can cause pain in the infected area.

In addition to all these pain causes, the neuralgias and the neuropathies originating from the neural networks in the face that have reflective pain characteristics can feel like toothache although the teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy.

You should always visit your dentists to resolve any issues with dental pain.