Turkish Crowns: Dental Crowns in Turkey

Turkish Crowns: Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps used to protect damaged or weakened teeth. Dental crowns look, feel and function just like real teeth.

Many patients travel from their home country to another country for dental treatment. Turkey, which is located partly in Asia and partly in Europe, is one of the popular destinations for patients seeking dental crowns. Dental crowns made in Turkey are known as Turkish crowns.

Turkish crowns are most often completed in two appointments that include the preparation and fitting of the crown. At the first visit, the weakened part of the tooth is removed and an impression is taken. On the second visit, the dental crown is cemented in place and the treatment is completed.

The cost of a Turkish crown varies depending on the location of the tooth to be treated, the extent of the damage, the material used and other specific needs of the patient. In any case, getting a dental crown in Turkey is cheaper than in other countries.

Turkish crowns offer patients a number of advantages.

High Quality: Turkish crowns are known for their high quality and impeccable workmanship. Dental clinics in Turkey have certificates stating that they meet international standards. First-class materials are always used in Turkey.

Low Cost: The most important advantage of Turkish crowns is their low cost. Dental crowns in Turkey have a low price without compromising on quality compared to many other countries. Getting dental crowns in Turkey provides a significant cost advantage.

Exact Fit: Turkish crowns are prepared using advanced technology and placed by experienced dentists. In this way, they perfectly match natural teeth in shape, color and size.

Durability: Turkish crowns will last for many years with proper maintenance of oral health routine. This provides a permanent solution for damaged and weakened teeth.

Turkish crowns are made using porcelain, ceramic (zirconium) and metal alloy materials.The choice of material varies according to the patient’s needs and expectations.

Turkish crowns are a low-cost and high-quality option for achieving an aesthetic smile. Patients who are not suitable for dental crowns are referred to alternatives such as dental veneers and dental fillings.

Living costs and salaries in Turkey are lower than in other countries. In addition, the government offers some support to the health sector. This makes Turkey one of the most preferred countries for many dental treatments, including dental crowns.