Dental Tourism in Antalya, Turkey

Dental Tourism in Antalya, Turkey

Dental tourism is traveling to a foreign country to receive low-cost dental treatment. Dental tourism has a remarkable share in the field of health tourism. Thanks to dental tourism, it is possible to receive high-quality dental care at a low price.

In the UK, USA and some European countries, the costs can be very high, especially when it comes to complex dental treatment procedures. Since most countries use the same technology and techniques, it is possible to get better and cheaper treatment by traveling.

Dental clinics adjust their schedules according to the patient’s travel plans. This way, maximum benefit can be gained from the time spent in the country. Dental clinics can also offer all-inclusive packages to serve patients in different countries. These treatment and travel packages are important for patients to know how much they will pay.

Poland, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Thailand and Turkey are popular dental tourism destinations. The cost of living in these countries is significantly lower than in other countries. This makes it possible to save up to 75% on dental treatment.

In most cases, the total cost of airfare, accommodation, food and dental treatment is less than what patients would pay for dental treatment alone in their home country.

Although dental treatment is offered in many countries around the world, the country that comes out on top in terms of the best dental treatment is Turkey. The country has a large number of experienced dentists and they have access to the latest technologies. Antalya, known as the tourism capital of Turkey, is one of the popular destinations preferred by patients from all over the world for dental treatment.

Antalya is located in the south of Turkey and enjoys 300 days of sunny weather a year. The holiday season in Antalya starts in April and lasts until mid-October. The city has easy transportation, no pollution and a very low crime rate. There are many hospitals, clinics and health centers in Antalya.

Cost alone should not be a selection criterion in dental tourism. When looking for a dental treatment abroad, some things should be considered.

  • Check the competence and certificates of the specialists in the dental clinic.
  • Read the clinic’s reviews, evaluations and complaints.
  • Question the materials used. Make sure they comply with international standards.
  • Check references and before/after photos.
  • Ask if there is an official who speaks the same language as you.
  • Make sure pricing is transparent.

Dental tourism has its risks, but it is possible to make a safe choice by doing enough research. Thanks to dental tourism, complex dental procedures can be performed at much lower prices.