Crowns x Veneers: What Is the Difference?

Crowns x Veneers: What Is the Difference?

When we think about getting a smile makeover in Turkey, two options come ahead of the research all the time: crowns and veneers. There are so many questions that keep popping on our heads: what is the difference between them? Is it the same thing? Why is the price so different? Will I have to grind all my original teeth? Will I need dental implants as well? To help you make the best decision, our team at Antalya Dent Smile , in Turkey, has prepared an easy guide to help you understand once and for all, the differences and similarities between these two prosthetics that can help us to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile in cosmetic dentistry.

The differences between dental crowns and dental veneers in Turkey

  • Materials used
  • Way of preparing the teeth
  • How they fit in the teeth
  • Time to complete de treatment
  • How long each last
  • Who can get it done
  • Price in Turkey

Lets have a close up look on each difference.

Materials used in dental crowns and veneers in Turkey

Natural looking and sophisticated crowns and veneers in Turkey can be made from different materials: metal-fused porcelain, zirconium or E.Max®.

Here at Antalya Dent Smile, in Turkey, we work only with the best materials and have most of our prosthetics made of zirconia or E.Max®.

The zirconia crowns in Turkey have the inside made of Zirconium Oxide which is a white type of ceramic that’s stronger than porcelain, and have their outer layer made of porcelain. It gives a nice polished look with a very resistant inner material.

The E-Max® crowns in Turkey are made of E-Max®, a Lithium Disilicate glass-ceramic block, which is considered to be pure porcelain with no additions of metal. It gives the best aesthetic look due to the transparency of this material. Overall, prosthetics made from E-Max® are looking more natural than any other, because the light incidence is the most similar to our natural teeth. It’s made by Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany). The name Emax stands for Esthetic Maximum, which means the most esthetic.

The metal-fused porcelain crowns in Turkey have metal on its interior and a porcelain coat on its exterior. It is not recommended to use on front teeth, as it’s metal-based, it can show a dark line where the crown meets the gum.

For veneers, we at Antalya Dent Smile, in Turkey, only use E-Max®.

Ways of preparing the teeth for crowns and veneers in Turkey

When the dentist prepares the teeth to receive the dental crowns or veneers, they need to grind the natural teeth. The difference between crowns and veneers is the amount of shaving done to the teeth. Every dentist has a different technique, here at Antalya Dent Smile, Turkey, our team does the following:

For dental crowns, the dentist needs to wear off a larger portion around the entire tooth on which a dental crown will be placed on, while for dental veneers it’s they just needed to lightly file the front and a little of the back of the teeth that will receive veneers, this way dentists in Turkey are able to do a more conservative preparation and keep more of the original tooth.

Take a look at the images below.

How crowns and veneers are fitted on the teeth

Crowns are made in the full shape of a tooth and are fitted to the previously prepared original tooth or implant.

Veneers are thinner and act like a cover or cap for the teeth. It’s applied on the front of it.

Time to complete the crowns and veneers treatment in Turkey

During the teeth’s preparation stage, veneers can be a little quicker, due to less grinding being required on the original teeth. Here at Antalya Dent Smile, the laboratory technicians need around 3 days to manufacture the dental crowns or dental veneers. As the crowns’ shape is bigger than the veneers, once the dentist fits them on you, it takes a little bit longer for them to adjust the bite and occlusion. You will need around a week to complete your treatment. If your plan includes dental implants in Turkey, be aware you will need to return for a second visit, a couple months later, due to the healing period of your gums after the dental implants surgery.

Turkish crowns and veneers durability

Both dental crowns and dental veneers do not last forever. With the right care, oral hygiene and diet, the dental crowns you get in Turkey can last around 20 years and more and dental veneers usually last up to around 15 years and more.

Who can get dental crowns and veneers in Turkey

Dental crowns can be placed in virtually any mouth. Anyone dissatisfied with their smile, or with compromised chewing function, is a candidate to get dental crowns or dental veneers, with or without the need for tooth extractiondental implant or fiber post, which will depend on expert analysis.

Dental veneers, on the other hand, are not for everyone. Because it is a little more fragile than a crown, it can only be done in patients who have a good alignment of the teeth in the jaw.

Duration of Dental Treatments in Turkey

Virtually all treatments that do not require implants need at least 1 visit of 1 week to complete, due to waiting for the material sent to the laboratory. 

Gum surgery usually requires you to stay in Turkey for  2 or 3 days. There might be a need to return after a month, according to the surgeon’s request.

For Cases with Dental Implants

A second visit is required 3 to 6 months after the first dental implant visit in Turkey. The exact time will depend on surgeon’s assessment after the surgery. The duration of the second visit must be around 10 days.

Prices of Dental Treatments in Turkey

Each treatment has a different price, and this varies from case to case. A lot depends on what your needs are: dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns and even the dental clinic you will choose. Here at Antalya Dent Smile, Turkey, we offer products and services of excellence and quality.

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What makes Antalya Dent Smile different?

Here at Antalya Dent Smile, in Antalya – Turkey you will be taken care by a team of specialists, experienced dentists specialized in their own field of dentistry with the support of the latest dental technology. For the creation of your new smile, our specialist in prosthetic dentistry will create the perfect harmonious smile that suits you. If you need implants, the surgery will be performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. If a root canal is needed, our endodontist will take care of that part. When it is necessary to create a new occlusion/bite, our specialized orthodontist will support you. With our specialists, we can meet any type of dental requires you may have. We also offer the exclusive support of our English or Portuguese speakers, that will accompany you on every step of your treatment and who will be available to help you at any time.

Where is our dental center located?

Our dental clinic is located in Antalya, southern Turkey and has easy access to the city’s highlights.

Payment options

You can complete your payment in the most convenient way for you. Additional discounts might be offered for cash payment. You can complete your payment in Euros, Pounds or Turkish Lira.

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Credit card

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