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Here is some information for full mouth restoration, benefits, process, and cost.

Our smile and teeth are one of the very first parts that take attention while we are building bridges and communicating in our daily life. Could be professional or personal life. Confident-wide smile has lots of benefits. We believe one of the best benefit of having a good smile is easier to build up trust via positive vibes. If the person we are communicating with has missing, discolored, unaligned teeth it takes our attention of ours. It is not something that we are trying to look and see, eventually it takes our attention.  

For some reason, we do lose our teeth in time

  • Genetics,
  • Lack of oral hygiene,
  • Not doing random hygiene checkups on dental centers,
  • Periodontal troubles,
  • Sometimes even pregnancy triggers it.
  • Chronic diseases.

These are only some of them.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the full set of implants in Turkey.

I don’t have any teeth and I want to get a smile makeover / full mouth restoration, I want to get my teeth done in Turkey, What is next?

The process begins once you make up your mind to get your smile makeover done. Please send us a few photos for a quotation, then we can see the approximate dental treatment plan.

What are the options once we lose all or most of our teeth?

Our main aim is to keep your teeth as much as we can and use them. Only at the clinic after getting the required scans and examinations can be %100 sure of the exact plan.

Dental implants require a certain amount of jaw bone. In this case, it can be;

▹ Dental implants & your teeth-based zirconium crowns structure,
▹ If no teeth existed or were not good to use in a new structure then dental implants based, zirconium crowns structure,
▹ All on 4 fixed dentures,
▹ All on 4 finished with porcelain crowns,
▹ 6 or 8 dental implants attached Toronto hybrid structure. Over your implants, a titanium bar is placed. ▹ Titanium bar shaped as individual teeth stumps. Over the titanium stumps individually zirconium crowns are prepared. Looks more natural due to all the zirconium crowns being prepared individually. Titanium bar cost is added to the plan.
▹ If the patient is not suitable for the operation of the dental implant partial/full dentures can be prepared. 

My teeth are extracted, and I don’t have teeth what are the options?

As long as we have enough jaw bone to place dental implants we can start your treatment and get you dental implants based zirconium crowns, and bridges set.

Can I be a candidate for the full mouth restoration?

Certain people can’t be candidates for dental implants or full mouth restorations. Here you will see more about dental implants. 

▹ Type 2 diabetes,
▹ Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy receiving patients,
▹ Those people diagnosed with Osteoporosis
▹ High blood pressure diagnosed & prescribed to people can be done under your doctor’s permission

How long does the full mouth restoration take?

It is done between 3-6 months usually. Dental implant operation is very quick and painless. Unfortunately, after the dental implant operation, we have to wait for a few months. During the healing period, bone regenerates around the implant. It can be 2 to 6 months depending on the age, jaw bone condition, diet, etc. After a few months, we will be able to build up your dental crowns over your implants. 

Why are dental treatments in Turkey less costly than in the UK?

Getting teeth done in Turkey price is open end gate. Final price of getting teeth done in Turkey is related with the amount of dental treatments you need. There are several points that affect the cost of dental services.

▹ Material costs; Materials used in dentistry have certain costs. As long as worldwide known brands are to be used it’s pretty much the same for everyone. Such as dental implants, zirconium blocks, and porcelain material itself. Until here costs are the same for dentists in the Uk and Dental centers in Turkey.

▹ Some costs are based on local dynamics, such as rent, staff, electricity, maintenance, etc. Due to economic dynamics between dentists in the UK and dental centers in Turkey have more reasonable costs than in the UK.

Are the dental centers in Turkey trustable?

While deciding on where to get your full mouth dental implant treatment one thing should always be on your mind on the front line; ‘’It’s about my health and I should give enough attention while choosing’’

▹ Does the dental center have government authorization to be able to take care of international patients?
▹ Can you see and know your specialist ahead of time? Can you search for him/her? How long he/she has experience? 
▹ Does the dental center or clinic has enough experience? Full mouth restoration requires different specialists to work together. Dental implant surgery, endodontics, creating new occlusion, etc.
▹ Is there one dentist completes all the dental treatments? Or different specialists completing treatments with their expertise? Such as root canal treatment done by an Endodontics specialist, Dental implants completed by an oral surgeon.
▹ Did you check any testimonies of their patients? Or randomly placed before-after photos?
Unfortunately like all around the world, there are bad apples and good apples. 

Checking the above questions will lead you to a more trustable and comfortable full-mouth implant experience. 

Lots of times we have witnessed; patients choose some places due to reasonable prices and the results are not aesthetically satisfying, once the treatment is done they do not reply to the patients. Or doing some shortcuts; preparing the zirconium crowns together instead of preparing the zirconium crowns one by one. This way between the together-made zirconium crowns there is a spot that dental floss or brush can’t access and clean properly. In some cases, literature suggests doing them together on rare occasions. But mostly used for shortcuts and these shortcuts are explained to the patients as specialists doing it to improve their strength. 

While doing them no invoices or records of their treatment due to treatment carried off the record. Since no records, they can’t claim any rights. Of course, the trouble is not only losing money at this stage. Health, time, travel, can be suffering pain.

Dentistry carries some risks of failure like any other medical treatment. Sorting out the places and choosing the cheapest one only because the price will increase your risk of failure.
In the end, we all get what we paid for.

What is all on 4 fixed prostheses?

All on 4 is a treatment that applied for those patients as a last option. Specific dental implants are used for All on 4.  Dental implants are positioned on your jawbone at around 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees.  It can be completed with a fixed denture or porcelain crowns. Completing with fixed dentures is less costly, but not as durable as a porcelain finish. The patient needs to be careful while using it and avoid applying too much bite force on it.  We use all 4 if we don’t have enough jaw bone to place regular implants and prepare individual crowns or apart bridges. As long as there are enough jaw bone-apart bridges combined mouth restoration is better always a better option.

What is all on 6 fixed prostheses?

All on 6, used specific longer implants. Just like in all on 4, 45 degrees positioned implants. The benefit of all on 6 is distributing the weight on more implants. If one of your dental implants will be failed the rest of the dental implant’s structure is strong enough to carry the duty.  It can be completed with a fixed denture or porcelain crowns. Completing with fixed dentures is less costly, but not as durable as a porcelain finish. 

What dental treatments I will need for full mouth restoration?

There is no exact treatment list or price for full mouth restoration. We will prepare the treatment plan based on your needs. Let’s say you have some teeth that can be saved, and they look promising for the new structure.

▹ Dental fillings,
▹ Root canal treatments, 
▹ Fiber post-treatment,
▹ Periodontal treatments,
▹ Dental implants,
▹ Sinus lifting.

How many visits I will need for full mouth restoration?

Usually, 2 visits are required for a full set of dental implants. 

▹ 1st visit is for dental implant placing, 
▹ 2nd the visit is for zirconium crowns & bridge preparation over your implants and getting your smile makeover completed.

How long do I need to stay in Turkey for full mouth restoration?

If we are agreed on 1st visit for dental implants surgery and for the 2nd visit to complete the zirconium crowns together with your smile makeover;

▹ 1st visit 3-7 days (implants surgery will take 1-2,5 hours only, but we would like to monitor you for a few days at the very beginning of the healing period)
▹ For a 2nd visit, it will require a minimum of 10 days to rebuild your chewing function and get your smile makeover done. 

What are the crowns/veneers options for full mouth restoration?

Dental crowns & Veneers are apart things. Veneers can be applied only over the teeth. Here is the blog text difference between crowns & veneers. There is more than one option for the crowns. Can be Porcelain crowns, Zirconium crowns.

How many dental implants I will need for full mouth restoration?

Dental implants are a great tool to replace missing teeth and build dental bridges. How many dental implants you will need depends on if we can use any of your teeth. In a healthy mouth, we have 28 teeth exist + 4 wisdom teeth. Our aim is to get you full chewing function with dental implants & zirconium crowns. For example, if you have an upper jaw you have front 7 teeth healthy and usable for the new structure. In this case, on both sides, premolar & molar areas 2 dental implants based zirconium & bridges will get your full chewing function back. 

Or let’s say you don’t have any good teeth to use in the new structure and full implants will be needed for full mouth restoration. In this case, usually, 6 or 8 dental implants for the upper jaw, and 6 dental implants for the lower jaw is the ideal amount. The upper jaw can be done with 6 or 8 dental implants. Once we complete with more implants the entire structure will be distributing the weight on different zones in our jaw bone. Which expands the lifetime of the full mouth restoration. Another benefit of having more dental implants is; For example for some reason one day you had an issue with any of your dental implants, gum, or crowns. Fixing this issue will not be affecting your entire structure. 

What is the warranty for dental implants, veneers, zirconium crowns, and bridges?

Different types of dental treatments come with different warranties. And some of the dental treatments can’t be warranty provided, due to these dental treatments’ success is based on your oral hygiene. Such as dental fillings.
▹ Dental implants are a lifetime warranty provided, and all are able to find all around the world products.
▹ Zirconium crowns & bridges are 5 years warranty provided,
▹ Veneers, Lumineers are 2 years warranty provided.

How comfortable is using full mouth restoration with dental implants?

Dental implants are powerful and stable tools. We build up the zirconium crowns and bridges on them. You can use them just like your own teeth, with no restrictions on your diet at all. There are a few habits that you should avoid such as nail bites, etc. 

How do full-mouth dental implants work in Turkey?

Modern dentistry is using the same techniques and solutions all over the world. All the dentistry faculties around teach the same thing. The difference is we are based in Turkey. Equipped with the newest technology and team build-up with a minimum of 16 years of experienced dentist specialists in their own field of dentistry. 
All the examinations and treatment stages will be happening in Turkey. If your treatment requires dental implants more than one visit. If no dental implants are needed your treatment will be over in a week. Here is more detailed information about it.

How much does a full set of teeth implants cost in Turkey?

There are so many dental implant companies, and brands available. They have different aims, research & studies, and investments. The total cost of the full teeth implants depends on how many dental implants you will need, and which brand implant will be more helpful for your specific condition.  Dental implants start from £390 all of them come with a lifetime international warranty provided. Here is more information about the prices. We are offering packages too for the full set of teeth implants. Straumann dental implants are one of the best when it comes to success rate and trustability all around the world.
Here you will see a few of our patients and their experiences shared on our social media account.

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