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We believe in transparency when it comes to our services and fees. Our prices are competitive and we strive to provide the best value for our patients. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality care and ensuring that you are fully informed about the costs of your treatment.

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Straumann Group Implants & Surgical Procedures

Neodent Dental Implant + Abudment£390€441$484
Medentika Dental Implant + Abudment£569€643$706
Straumann Dental Implant + Abudment£689€779$854
Open Sinus Lifting (per socket – bone graft not included)£250€283$310
Closed Sinus Lifting (per socket)£150€170$186
Bone Graft (cc)£100€113$124
Tooth Extraction£50€57$62
Wisdom Tooth Extraction£120€136$149


Metal Fused Porcelain crowns£140€158$174
Zirconium Porcelain Crowns£170€192$211
E-Max – Full porcelain crowns£225€254$279
Lumineer™ Veneers (cerinate)£250€283$310
Temporary porcelain crowns£70€79$87
Night Guard (gum shield)£50€57$62
Denture (per Jaw)£450€509$558
All on 4 with prothesis (per jaw)£4599€5197$5703
6 implant full & zirconium set (per jaw)£4859€5491$6025
Fiber Post£50€57$62

Periodontal Treatments

Deep Scaling (per Jaw)£300€339$372
Guided Tissue Regeneration(per jaw- bone graft not included)£750€848$930

Cleaning & Bleaching

Home Bleaching Kit£130€147$161
Laser Whitening Kit (Philips Zoom)£300€339$372
Scale and Polish£50€57$62


Fillingstart from £75start from €85start from $93
Root Canal Treatmentstart from £120start from €136start from $149
Re-Treatment For Root Canal£150€170$186
Endo Porcelain Crown£250€283$310
Onlay Porcelain Filling£200€226$248


General Anaesthesia£500€565$620

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