Smile Makeover

Time scale: 7 days
Smile Makeover

What is Smile Makeover?

A confident smile will not only help you shine in the crowd, but will also make a positive impression on people. Discover the benefits of getting a smile makeover dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey.

Smile Makeover is the act of changing your original smile to create a perfect yet natural smile that suits your facial characteristics, restoring your self confidence. A confident smile will help you not only shine in the crowd, but also make a positive impression on people.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable with your smile when you look in the mirror?
  • Do you try to hide your teeth while speaking to anyone?
  • Do you have crooked, broken or discoloured teeth?
  • Do you only smile with your lips closed?
  • Do you have missing teeth?

If you answered “YES” to the questions above, then a smile makeover might be a great solution for you.

A smile makeover offers you a wide range of benefits:

  • It allows you to have a proper chewing function, especially if you have missing teeth.It preserves your dental structure as much as possible to allow you to keep using them for a longer term.
  • Your new smile will never lose its colour. Crowns and veneers are made with Zirconium or E-Max, which are stain-free materials and will never get discoloured.
  • With your perfect smile, you will get your confidence back and feel free to smile and laugh whenever you want.
  • Our patients went back home with their self-esteem higher than ever and were really pleased with their new appearance.
  • The prices of a Smile Makeover in Turkey are very cost effective: High quality materials, extremely knowledgeable specialists and low cost for crowns and veneers and many other dental treatments.

At Antalya Dent Smile, these will be the steps to follow:

  1. An online consultation is done: you’ll send some photos of your mouth, so our specialists can do a pre-evaluation of your case and give their recommendations for your treatment plan.
  2. After checking the available dates with us, you’ll arrange your flight ticket and make an appointment to come to Antalya Dent Smile, in Antalya, Turkey.
  3. Once your flight ticket is sorted out, you’ll share the details with us and we will make all the necessary arrangements for your arrival: Booking the hotel and driver to pick you up at the airport; keeping the specialist’s full day free for your first consultation and scheduling the laboratory technician to be available on your treatment days to prepare your crowns or veneers. A deposit will be required for these arrangements.
  4. On your first visit at the clinic, we will take your x-ray and you will go through a live consultation with the specialist. After examinations, your updated treatment plan will be explained to you and, with your approval, your Smile Makeover starts.
  5. At the end of the week, you will have your new smile with crowns or veneers and will go back home feeling like a new, and improved, version of yourself.
How long will I have to be in Antalya for my Smile Makeover in Turkey?

Usually one week visit (7 days) in Antalya, Turkey, is enough for a Smile Makeover. In cases where dental implants are necessary, you will be required to come back to Antalya for a second visit, a few months later, to finish your Smile Makeover treatment.

Will all my teeth have to be extracted for a Smile Makeover?

No. In many cases teeth extractions are not necessary for a Smile Makeover. The specialists will evaluate your mouth and teeth conditions and will let you know which treatments you will need before starting your Smile Makeover.

Which procedures are done on a Smile Makeover?

Overall, the 5 most common procedures included in dental treatments for a Smile Makeover are:

Root Canal Treatment
Tooth extraction
Sinus Lifting
Gum Contouring
Dental Implants

Which materials are used to create a new smile during a Smile Makeover?

Zirconium Crowns and E-Max Veneers are the most used materials while achieving a Smile Makeover. The specialists will let you know which one would be the most suitable for your case.

Zirconium Crowns
E-Max Veneers

What will my teeth look like after a Smile Makeover?

To be able to get the most natural and perfect smile for you, the shape, colour and surface of the new teeth will be chosen by you, together with our experts.

How will my smile change on a Smile Makeover?

To create a new smile that will be suitable for you, the specialists will do any preparations necessary. Depending on your needs, the requirements might change.

How long will my teeth last after a Smile Makeover?

There is no exact answer, it will be determined specially by your oral hygiene. Literature says that you should be able to use your new crowns or veneers for no less than 5 years, but we know patients that have been with their new smile for over 15 years.

What’s the price of a Smile Makeover in Turkey?

The cost of the treatment will depend on your needs and dental conditions.

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When you meet new people, your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A confident smile will not only help you to shine out in the crowd but will leave a positive impression on people as well.

Cosmetic dentistry options used to construct your smile makeover consists of using veneers or implants. We are able to show you the end result before we start with the treatment by using the latest technology and computer softwares in the field. All we need is to take a few photos and upload them into the computer, our software does the rest. 

Cosmetic dentistry such as a smile makeover might be considered in case of being unhappy with the smile line, having chipped tooth/teeth or any discolouring of the teeth that teeth-whitening treatment can not cure. The level of whiteness of the tooth/teeth can be determined during the consultation.

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