Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

Thanks to its extreme durability and natural look, zirconia crown is getting more and more popular

Time Scale: 2-5 days


Zirconium porcelain teeth are made on white zirconium metal. Due to its white color, light transmittance and durability, it is a groundbreaking type of dentistry that allows aesthetic prosthesis treatments.


Recently, zirconium teeth are among the most preferred treatments. The porcelain used is coated on a metal called zirconium. The most important feature of this metal is that it is a light transmitting structure that allows it to adapt to natural teeth. Zirconium, a solid metal, provides high durability to the porcelain coated on it. It has aesthetic advantages over porcelain with metal infrastructure. It is because in metal-based porcelains, the opaque paint used to cover the grayness of the metal makes the porcelain appear more opaque and dull, while the depth of light is lost.


In addition, in porcelain coatings where normal metal is used, the grayness of the metal is sometimes seen near the gingival. This does not happen in zirconium porcelain.


Why Zirconium Tooth Coating?


What are the advantages?


  • Since the light transmittance of zirconium tooth coatings is very close to our natural tooth, it provides a natural unnoticeable appearance.
  • Its compatibility with gums is very good compared to traditional porcelains over metal. While porcelain over metal can cause purplish appearance in gums, this is not the case with zirconium.
  • Zirconium dental coatings may be preferred, as zirconium will provide the closest appearance to natural teeth, especially when making your anterior teeth.
  • Biologically more compatible. Allergies to porcelain with metal substructure may occur in some of our patients. In such cases, zirconium veneers should be the first choice.
  • Less dental tissue is cut. In traditional metal covered with porcelain, dental tissue is cut more to reduce the grayish appearance reflected from the metal and provide a more natural appearance.
  • It is also expected that the hot and cold sensitivity will be less as the teeth will be cut less.
  • If a single tooth is to be covered, it is more appropriate to make zirconium teeth as it cannot be distinguished because of its similarity to natural teeth.

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