What Is Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)?

What Is Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)?

The pulp, which is the center of the tooth, contains nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cells. When bacteria invade the tissue of the pupal, it causes pain, swelling, or sensitivity in the tooth. In order to save the tooth, the infected tissue inside the tooth must be removed. Root canal treatment (endodontics) removes the infection inside the tooth and prevents future re-infection.

The first purpose of root canal treatment is to relieve the patient from pain. Root canal treatment is a dental treatment procedure that removes the nerve and blood flow in the center of the tooth. This is actually the pain relief process itself. The infected tissue is removed from the tooth, the canals are cleaned and filled.

There are several symptoms that indicate that the pulp is inflamed. The most common symptoms are; tooth sensitivity, pain, swelling and discoloration. If the infection inside the tooth is not treated, it can cause more pain and larger swelling. In advanced cases, the only treatment option may be tooth extraction.

The root canals of the tooth can be narrow, long and curved. This can make root canals difficult to find and treat. Root canal treatment should be performed by an endodontist who specializes in this treatment. The success rate of root canal treatment is very high.

In root canal treatment, local anesthesia is first applied to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. An access cavity is opened on the tooth and the infected pulp is removed. Endodontic files are used for cleaning and shaping the inside of the tooth. After the endodontic treatment is completed, the gap is closed with a filling.

The cost of root canal treatment is highly variable. Tooth type, remaining tooth structure and anatomy of roots determine the cost of endodontic treatment. In any case, it is cheaper than pulling out a tooth and replacing it with a crown or bridge.

It is possible to return to normal daily activities on the same day after root canal treatment. After treatment is complete, it is important to continue to maintain oral hygiene with a standard dental care routine to prevent re-infection.

Root canal treatment is an intervention that saves the natural tooth and relieves pain. In this way, it is possible to preserve the natural tooth without the need for extraction. In some cases, a veneer may be required to strengthen the tooth after endodontic therapy.

Root canal treatment is a procedure used in cases of moderate to severe tooth decay. Although root canal treatment may seem scary and painful, it has become a more comfortable and more effective treatment option with the developments in dentistry in recent years.


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