What Is the Cost of the Full Set of Veneers in Turkey?

What Is the Cost of the Full Set of Veneers in Turkey?

Once you are considering getting a new smile, one of the main questions is ‘how much veneers cost’. What will be cost the full set of veneers in Turkey when you want to have this treatment?

Each person has different dental conditions, different needs, different amounts of veneers at the end different costs. I will give you a rough idea of how ‘much will your dental treatment cost?’. At this point please take a look at yourself in the mirror and watch yourself talking, smiling, laughing. All the teeth that are visible in your smile line, teeth that need to cover with veneers in order to create a nice harmony.

We are located in Antalya and our team is build up with the latest technology and well experienced-specialized dentists in their own areas. So you don’t get treated by one doctor that manages everything. For example; implant surgery will be completed by a maxillofacial surgeon, if needed a root canal treatment then an endodontics specialized person will handle this part, creating new occlusion with veneers then our orthodontics specialized dentist will give us support. With our specialized experts, we are able to meet any kinds of dental inquiries that you might have.

Getting online consultations/quotes while looking for veneers

We will need a few photos of your current dental conditions. These visuals will allow us to see&understand your state. We need you to send a few photos. Basically smiling photos from the center and both sides, wide-open mouth photos of each jaw, so we can see alignment, the last one is occlusion (biting with molar/back teeth). If you have an X-ray scan will be more accurate. All the specialists give the ideas during consultations.

Expenses of dental treatment

At this stage, we know your needs and work out treatment options for you. Dental implants (if needed), e-max veneers, zirconia porcelain veneers, periodontal treatments, gum contouring, wisdom teeth extractions. Please check out our pricing page.

We are offering an additional discount for cash payments. In some treatments, we can include accommodation as well in the charges.

Why dental centers in Turkey cheaper than in the UK?

Laboratory costs, doctor fees, equipment & materials expenses.

Most of the dentistry equipment and using materials are provided by international leading brands, such as Straumann implants, Invisalign clear aligners, etc. In this part, expenses are pretty much the same for any dentist all around the world.

When it comes to doctor and laboratory expenses, it is mainly their own profession and the rate is calculated based on the country dynamics. Since the UK expenses are way higher than in Turkey, it always will be cheaper to get Dental treatments in Turkey.

Why are some dental centers cheaper than others in Turkey?

To start with, you need to understand when you are choosing your dentist your main aim should be; experience, abilities, knowledge of the clinic. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as changing our bike next year.

Working with specialized dentists, using high-quality equipment, dealing with the best laboratories is pricey. To keep the price lower, you need to give up on a minimum of one of these. 

You make sure to know your dentist by name before your trip, search about your doctor experiences. Here you can see our specialized experts.

What kind of veneers I should get? Which kind of veneers is best?

  • Zirconium porcelain veneers have zirconium in the core and porcelain covered on the top of it. Looks aesthetic, durable material offers a large selection of white shades. Because zirconia is white material, veneers do not have shadows in the teeth. 
  • E-max veneers do not contain any other materials in them, %100 porcelain. They are durable, most natural-looking material, offers a large selection of white shades. Unfortunately for some patients, not the best option, especially teeth grinding patients. 
  • Lumineer veneers are thin layers of porcelain. This can not be applied to every case. The benefit of Lumineer veneers is filing your teeth only on the front side. These are like fake fingernails, cover the front side of the teeth, and creates a great appearance.

All these veneers are able to complete in less than a week in our dental center. Which one suits your needs, specialists will guide you.

Do you offer a veneers package?

Depending on your dental needs, we are able to create a package for you. Veneers package is usually 7 days and includes all your needs such as;

  • Seafront hotel accommodation includes breakfast,
  • Private transfers between airport, hotel, and clinic,
  • Required scans, X-rays, examinations, expert consultations,
  • If needed post-treatment medications,
  • 24/7 support.

What is the process of veneers? How much of my teeth will be filed?

The dental treatment process shows to differ in each case. Based on all your needs, our specialists will prepare the most comfortable plan for you.

The veneers process as well as all the other dental treatments are done under local anesthesia. You don’t feel any pain. For the veneers/crowns, your teeth need to be filed all-around 1.5 mm-2.00 mm on your enamel layer. For the Lumineer veneers only on the front side and filing is usually less than veneers.

Discovering Antalya/Turkey while getting your teeth done

In most cases, we will need you 3 or 4 visits to the clinic. Other days are all yours to discover and enjoy the city.

Antalya is a very popular city in the Mediterranean. We are talking over 20million visitors in a year (2019 statistics). We have tourists come from all around the world.

Summer vacation, ancient ruins, natural beauties, diving areas, sunken ancient cities, even winter skiing available in 60 mins driving distance in limited weeks in a year. Fine&dine Restaurants, Daily excursions, boat excursions, waterfalls, beach days, finding out ancient Roman cities. You will go back with great memories.

Here are few options about Antalya

No hidden costs

During your consultation, there will be few options and your oral state will be explained to you. Scans, examinations, temporary crowns, all the needed medications, injections are included in the price.

  • Which type of veneers is more suitable for you?
  • How many veneers you will need?
  • Potential additional treatments you might need. (such as sinus lifting, bone graft, etc.)

Warranty conditions of veneers

All the veneers 5 years warranty provided. No worries about them.

How long can I use my veneers?

How long veneers last is a really hard question. They are 5 years warranty provided, but if you take care of your oral hygiene well, you will use your veneers way longer. Veneers are great looking, never discoloring or losing color products. This comfort zone is dangerous, and it might lead you to a less cleaning process. Even though they are durable, looking great, you still need to brush and dental floss to keep your oral hygiene in order to maximize your life of veneers. One of the most troubles is veneers are great but teeth under is not good anymore due to not taking care enough.

Where is our dental center located?

Our dental center is located in Antalya / Turkey. Has easy access for the highlights of the city.

  • Antalya international airport, 20 km, 
  • Downtown / Kaleiçi 5 km,
  • Konyaaltı beach 1 km,
  • Waterfall 15 km away from the clinic.

Here you can see our dental center location in the map.

Payment options

You can complete your payment either way that suits you. Keep on your mind additional discounts for cash payment. You can complete your payment in Euros, Pounds, or Turkish Liras. 

  • Visa,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Cash.