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Emax Crowns

Emax based prostheses are rapidly gaining popularity due to their excellent esthetics, durability, and strength.

E-max or Empress veneers are the aesthetically advanced veneers that are made of strengthened porcelain as a whole block or have porcelain in their infrastructure. There is no metal or zirconium substructure in this type of veneers as in other ones. Laboratory stages are carried out with fully computer supported special scanner and printer systems (CAD Cam). Therefore, they are technically very sensitive applications.

It is especially preferred in front group teeth and single tooth cover where aesthetics is very important. It is rarely used in short dental bridge applications where there are one or two missing teeth. It is also preferred because of its’ aesthetic superiority over the alternative materials in the teeth with too much material loss to have been laminated.


  • As their light transmittance is very good, they give the aesthetics closest to the natural tooth.
  • It does not produce gray or purple coloring at the gingival margin.
  • Less abrasion is applied to the tooth than zirconium or metal-based veneer.
  • Allergic reaction is not observed.
  • Their hot-cold conductivity is very low.


  • Since it is not a very resistant material, it cannot be used on long dental bridges that produce excessive pressure.
  • It is more costly than metal-based veneer.
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