Wisdom Teeth Removal

Time scale: 1 day
Wisdom Teeth Removal

A wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure that is used to remove buried/semi-buried roots or broken teeth in the oral environment. It can usually be performed under local anesthesia, however, when indication conditions occur, sedation and general anesthesia are also used. 

The difference of surgical dental extraction from simple dental extraction is that it requires an incision into the connective tissue to gain access to the tooth to be removed. In this procedure the tooth cannot be removed as a whole, and when necessary, the alveolar bone surrounding of the tooth may need to be trimmed or the tooth may need to be removed by dividing them into burs. 

As a result of all these procedures, swelling, hematoma (collection of blood outside of blood vessels) and pain may occur in the jawbone and face. To reduce the side effects of surgical dental extraction such as swelling, hematoma and pain, ice treatment and a group of drugs are used.

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