Sinus Lifting

Time scale: 1 day
Sinus Lifting

It is a treatment method applied nowadays in case of vertical insufficiency of alveolar bone in implant treatment of upper jaw and toothless posterior regions. 

There are two types of sinus lift method.

  • Closed sinus lift
  • Open sinus lift

Open sinus lifting is used when bone is usually less than 5 mm in the vertical direction. In cases above 5 mm (in case of insufficient bone) closed sinus lifting method is applied. Before application of each procedure, anamnesis, panoramic and tomographic imaging should be obtained from the patient. In closed sinus operations, bone graft is generally not needed.

In open sinus lifts, bone graft and membrane are used. If the patient does not have a systemic disease that would interfere with the operation, she/he should be checked before this operation for an acute sinusitis and a large cyst in the sinus. Especially before the closed sinus lift, the patient should be examined for the signs of vertigo.

As in all operations, hematoma, swelling, bleeding, sinusitis, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) may develop after this operation. The success of this operation is affected by the patient’s postoperative care and non-smoking conditions, as well as the ability of the surgeon. Therefore, these operations must be carried out by experts.

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