Veneers Package in Turkey

Veneers Package in Turkey

Since it is pretty expensive in the UK, a lot of patients are choosing dental centers in Turkey for dental treatments. In order to offer you a more comfortable dental treatment experience, we are preparing dental treatment packages for you. You only deal with your flights and rest will be managed by us.

The dental treatment process starts with the online consultations, then moves on to your suitable dates & booking your flight. Based on your needs, it might be completed in one visit or might require more.  Then manage your way to the airport in your city.  The rest is included in the package.

  • Once you arrive at the Antalya international airport, we will pick you and treatment/vacation week will begin.
  • Dropping you to your hotel, which can be included in the treatment package,
  • Getting you to the clinic for consultation, scans, treatment,
  • Taking you back to the airport after your treatment is done.

Here is a quick video of how the dental package deal.

Depends on your treatment, but most of the time patients have their half of the week for their own. You will have enough time to discover the town, ancient ruins, tanning on the beach while getting your dental treatment.

How much this plan cost depends on the treatment plan, please check with us about your treatment options.

Which dental center is better? How should I choose my dental center in Turkey?

Looking for a smile makeover, or cheaper dental veneers in Turkey? Lots of options for veneer packages? Choosing your dental center in Turkey is a tough decision.  It is always hard to make up your mind while having a few candidates, especially when it comes to your health. In this article, we are aiming to get you a few tips on How to choose your dental center? Dental veneers are irreversible. Dental crowns and veneers are required shaving from the tooth surface, therefore you must look into all details.  In order to make the best decision question every detail before making your final choice. Like all around the world there is good service and there is service that is below the standards. While aiming for the lowest rates you are filtering all the goods out. 

The offered dental treatment package might be looking exciting, but stay focused to the dental treatment part.

Shopping is a moment that after a certain amount of time spent, we are all losing the focus point. Same in dental treatments. Big and luxury buildings, fancy cars, city excursions, or free Spa tickets. None of these will matter on your dental treatment result.

Getting cheaper dental veneers in Turkey

We believe that your travel reason to Turkey is to get the very same high-quality dental standards while paying less. Here is the tricky part ‘Paying less’. While paying less you might end up for one of the practices back in your town that you never wanted to go. We all have some health services, and dental centers in our town that we are not willing to. The reason could be one bad experience that you have been through, hygiene, or experience with the clinic or the specialists. 

Zirconium Crowns require shaving around your teeth, this preparation allows us to fix your functional disorders within certain limits. Such as deep bite, over-bite, and crossed bite.

Make sure to know your dentist ahead of the treatment. Get your dental veneers done by experienced specialists.

Have you had any chance to talk to your doctor who will be completing your life-changing dental veneers experience period?  Did you search about their dentistry experience?

On some web pages, you see only stock visuals of dentistry and no information about dental clinics, or specialists. This means your veneers will be done by someone who has no experience to share it. In this deal, everyone’s aim is to make money. Quality of dental materials, the experience of the dentist, long term success are in no one’s mind. 

Dental veneers are time-consuming, costly, irreversible, and even traumatically scary for some people. You must find someplace and a specialist that has enough experience. At some dental clinics in Turkey, you go to their webpage to get information about dentists to understand who will complete your dental implant surgery, and who will prepare your veneers.  No information at all. Or only names that you can’t track of their experience or short biography.

In some places, the owner or founder has a nice and successful experience, but the entire team is built up of newly graduated dentists. Sometimes they participate in veneer planning, sometimes not even that. 

The same is for dental treatments. In some dental centers, there is a single dentist that completes all your dental needs. Such as your root canal treatment, dental implants, veneers, and periodontal treatments. All dentists get the education for mentioned dental treatments, but we believe all are important and need to be handled by knowledgeable specialists in their own field of dentistry.

As a patient, you have all the rights to learn about your dentist by name. You should question who will be taking care of your veneers. Find out about their dentistry experiences, and skills. Try to learn about your dentist ahead of your travel.

Our team of dental specialists has over 16 years in the field of professional dentistry & nearly all of them have Ph.D. grades. Laboratory technicians who will prepare the crowns and veneers have over 20 years of experience.

We are equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology to ensure that our patients receive the absolute best care possible, both in terms of treatment and comfort.

Details of the preparation, shortcuts

The ideal duration for the full mouth crowns or veneers preparation takes over 7 hours. If your treatment is done in less duration some shortcuts have been made there based on literature standards. Chamfer & Shoulder teeth preparing techniques are the most ideal way for veneers and crowns on long-term success. Another sort of preparation for the dental crowns and veneers consumes way shorter time and leaves an open gate for gingival irritation on the midterm.

Here is another frequently used shortcut; doing the veneers & crowns 2-3 of them together while the teeth stumps are absent & healthy. This way dentist gains time. Together-made veneers & crowns are harder to clean and keep hygienic under. Some spots between the teeth surface toothbrush can’t reach.

Did you question the quality of the dentistry equipment and materials in their clinic?

It is important to know the quality of their equipment and materials to ensure they are safe for use. All our products and brands are FDA-approved brands. Products and materials used in the clinic practices play a big role in the final results. For example, all dental implants are a lifetime international warranty provided. Some implants in the market are providing warranties in a limited range. Equipment that has been poorly maintained or has gone through extensive use may require routine maintenance or repairs to avoid complications that could endanger your dental health.

Is the dental clinic authorized by the government to be able to take care of international patients?

Dental tourism is an increasingly popular option for people looking to get dental work for reasonable prices abroad. However, it’s critical to make sure that your dentist in Turkey is licensed, authorized, and certified before you make any decisions. Dentists need to be certified by the government in order to take care of international patients. They must complete a dental exam and an English language proficiency exam, which should be translated into their native language, and they need to have a license to practice dentistry in Turkey.

All our implants are provided with certificates of authentication including serial numbers which are valid internationally for a lifetime. 

We have been providing implants with certificates of authentication. These include all the serial numbers which are valid for a lifetime. Together with your invoice and epicrisis report, you will be informed about your entire treatment process. Such as;

  • Treatment completed by whom?
  • Which tooth got treatment? 
  • Which materials were used?

Our main aim is to offer a comfortable, transparent dental treatment experience with our boutique size clinic. That you will always remember with nice memories & great smile.

Now you know more tips for how to eliminate being on the “BBC Turkey teeth program” as a bad experienced patient.