Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Time scale: 7 days
Digital Smile Design (DSD)

The goal of aesthetic dental treatment is to improve the patient’s facial aesthetics and smile. Digital smile design (DSD) is a treatment planning protocol used to digitally design patients’ smiles and increase predictability.

Digital smile design gives the dentist and the patient an idea of what the treatment will look like. The dentist improves the patient’s smile using digital images. Digital smile design provides the opportunity to fully experiment before undergoing a treatment procedure.

Digital smile design, a patient-centered design approach, is a revolutionary technology in aesthetic dentistry. It can be used for many dental treatments, from simple teeth whitening, veneers and braces to complex treatments.

Digital smile design is not suitable for all patients and all treatments. It is decided by the dentist whether the patient is suitable for this treatment protocol.

In the first stage of digital smile design, the teeth are carefully examined by the dentist. Photographs are taken showing the teeth and facial structure in great detail. Using a special DSD software, the dentist analyzes the structure of the teeth, gums, lips, jaw, face and smile. Based on this information, a smile design is created.

The dental technician creates a model according to the design created by the dentist. This results in a treatment plan and cost. The type, duration and other details of the treatment vary according to the individual dental condition.

Digital smile design offers significant advantages in terms of aesthetics, function and overall oral health. On the other hand, it saves time by helping to plan the treatment more efficiently.

Digital smile design is much more precise than traditional methods. In digital smile design, not only the teeth but also the overall appearance of the face is taken into account. This ensures a better final result.

Digital smile design is a tool that allows careful examination of teeth, mouth and facial features that may be overlooked. Digital smile design, which is a more comprehensive approach than traditional treatment methods, enables the patient to participate in the treatment process, helps to relieve their concerns and guarantees their satisfaction.

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