Why Are Dental Crowns Cheaper in Turkey?

Why Are Dental Crowns Cheaper in Turkey?

The trend of patients traveling to countries other than their countries of residence to receive cheaper diagnoses and treatments for dental diseases is on the rise today. Patients find the answer to the question of where they can be treated at more affordable prices in Turkey, especially since dental treatment costs are very high in their own countries.

Health tourism, which is growing with the support and incentives provided by the Republic of Turkey, is in demand by citizens of all countries of the world. According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, 1,258,382 people came to Turkey in 2022 and 746,290 people came to Turkey to receive health services in the first half of 2023. Health tourism in Turkey is offered as a professional service in which all details are carefully planned from the patient’s entry to Turkey, through the treatment process and then to the patient’s return to his/her country.

There are many dental clinics and hospitals in Turkey with professional equipment and specialized dentists, where the necessary quality, standards and certifications are applied and audited. Dental clinics and hospitals have staff and interpreters who speak English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Arabic, which are among the most widely spoken languages in the world.

The most important reason why dental crowns are cheaper is the high nominal exchange rate. In addition, patients can receive treatment services up to 70 percent cheaper than in their home countries due to the ease of transportation due to geographical location, some free services, low employee costs, and no extra fees.

During the clinical examination for dental treatment, a panoramic x-ray is taken and the dentist analyzes the general condition of the patient. The dentist may recommend crown treatment for reasons such as cracking, thinning, traumatic damage, decay, tooth discoloration, aesthetic disorders caused by deformity.

Crown treatment includes treatment processes that can be completed in 2-3 sessions within 5-7 days depending on the patient’s condition. In Turkey, dentists specialized in their field apply modern dental crown treatment to their patients by following current academic and treatment practices at the international level.

The crown wraps around the natural tooth, protecting its structure, preventing wear and strengthening it.  There are metal and zirconium supported crown application types. All questions raised by the patient about the brands of materials used in the treatment processes, the place of production, sterilization methods, and the equipment used are answered transparently by the clinic or hospital authorities. In crown treatments, zirconium-supported crown application is generally preferred. Thus, the patient will have a look and feel closer to the natural tooth after the treatment.

The natural tooth or teeth to be crowned are thinned after local anesthesia is applied to ensure compatibility in the mouth. Filling is applied if necessary. Then, the necessary measurements are taken digitally and the crown production stage is started in the laboratory. Temporary crowns are applied until permanent crowns are placed. After the permanent crown application session, planning is made with the patient for the control of oral health and treatment application in the future. When attention is paid to oral care and food consumed, the crown application can be used for up to 10-15 years.

In addition to professional treatment services, patients have the opportunity to explore Turkey’s historical and natural beauties due to its geographical location. They can make the treatment process enjoyable by taking part in touristic activities and vacationing in world-famous locations.