Dental Bone Grafting

Time scale: 1 day
Dental Bone Grafting

It is the name given to the materials applied in cases of insufficient bone during operations performed in the human body and mouth.

These materials are divided into 4 groups according to their sources.

  • Autogenous grafts: Graft material is taken from different parts of the same organism.
  • Allogeneic grafts: This material is taken from the same species that are genetically different.
  • Xenografts: Graft materials derived from different species (cattle, pig, coral, etc.).
  • Alloplastics: Synthetic graft materials (tricalcium phosphate).

Guided Bone Regeneration

Independent of the bone grafts explained above, this is the method of creating new bone tissue on a defect-formed  area by preventing the migration of soft tissue (epithelial and connective tissue) into the cavity by using a resorbable membrane -a cover- without using graft materials.

Again, the chance of success is increased by using both the resorbing membrane and the graft material simultaneously.

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