What Is Hollywood Smile?

What Is Hollywood Smile?

An attractive, aesthetic and symmetrical smile can be obtained after treatment procedures inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars. It is one of the increasingly popular aesthetic treatment methods in the world.

In addition to bright and natural white teeth, all the details that make the smile look perfect, such as skin color, gingival placement, symmetrical distribution of the teeth according to the midpoint of the face, harmony of tooth sizes with the lips, are presented together.

With the Hollywood Smile, besides the beauty in physical appearance, the differences in smile design come to the fore during face-to-face communication and benefit the communication skills of the person.

It contributes to the person at a level that will make a serious difference compared to before, by allowing the person to increase their self-confidence, make a more impressive presentation to the audience, prevent the teeth from colliding with each other, sound clear and phonetic, and introduce themselves better in new acquaintances.

Generally, patients who do not like the appearance of their teeth during smiling or speaking or who experience deterioration in the appearance of their smile for different reasons want to have a Hollywood Smile. In addition to dental health treatments, specialist dentists can also intervene in these aesthetic requests with an artistic point of view.

Each patient’s smile design is unique. For this reason, it is tried to create the most ideal smile design for the patient by evaluating many differences such as the patient’s facial appearance, gender, age, facial muscle structure, wrinkles on his face, and the shape of lips.

Dental implants, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, gingival aesthetics and teeth whitening are frequently performed procedures to achieve a Hollywood Smile. It includes procedures that can be applied to every adult who has completed the development of the jawbone. Since local anesthesia is performed during the treatment, there will be no pain sensation.

For the Hollywood Smile, the patient’s dental health is analyzed, information about diabetes or cardiovascular disease is obtained. If the patient is suitable for treatment, first of all, necessary dental problems are tried to be resolved. Then, smile design planning is carried out with detailed photographs, videos focusing on the movement of facial muscles during smiling and speaking, and intraoral 3D scanning. With temporary veneers, the patient is provided to feel and see what patient’s will encounter after the treatment. If the necessary treatment steps do not require intervention in the gingiva or jawbone, you can have a unique Hollywood Smile in a maximum of 3 sessions.

In order for the smile obtained after the treatments to be permanent for a long time, the use and care of teeth is also extremely important, so attention should be paid to the foods consumed and tooth cleaning. Permanent smiles up to ten years can be achieved with porcelain veneers. Since the treatment is not reversible, it will be carried out by professional and experienced dentists, which will minimize the risks.


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