Veneers: The Beautiful Smile You Wish for in No Time

Veneers: The Beautiful Smile You Wish for in No Time

There might be a number of different reasons to consider getting a smile makeover with dental veneers. You may want to fix the alignment of your teeth, have miscoloration, have a gap in between your teeth, or you may simply have other shape and color ideal for your teeth. Dental veneers will be the option, helping you to achieve your goal in a smile makeover or medical need.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are caps made of different kind of materials to fit your need and treatment best.

Porcelain veneers are as the name suggests are made of porcelain or ceramic material. They are durable, stain resistant, and stronger. Local anesthesia and grinding of the teeth is needed while applying.

Composite veneers are made of resin. They are less expensive and are not as strong as the porcelain/ceramic veneers. Local anesthesia and grinding of the teeth is needed while applying.

Lumineers (no-prep) veneers are made of Cerinate® ceramic, which is a thinner and stronger option than the porcelain veneers. There is no need to grind your teeth or use local anesthesia to apply either to achieve an aesthetic smile makeover.

Things to consider before getting veneers

Dental veneers treatment is a costly and lengthy procedure. Your natural teeth will be –depending on the chosen treatment option- grinded and a bonding process will follow. The level of sensitivity and experienced pain will be different for every patient during this process.

The treatment process

To find out if your overall oral health is suitable for what you need with this treatment, a primary examination will be done. A mold will be taken of your teeth to prepare the veneers and your teeth will be trimmed to prepare your teeth to have the new veneers on. This process will be done under local anesthesia. After this the impression taken from your teeth will be sent to the laboratory for further construction of the veneers. Once you receive your permanent veneers an adjustment of colour and shape will start. Once you are satisfied with both your teeth will be cleaned and the veneers will be cemented onto your teeth. A follow up visit will be needed after the final step of the treatment.


Aftercare is very important and you should consider to;

  • use an electric toothbrush
  • use a natural toothpaste without fluorine
  • need to floss regularly
  • pay attention to your tongue and use a tongue scraper
  • do not miss your routine check-ups with your dentist

Dental veneers are not a medical treatment option but a cosmetic one. Therefore your overall oral health should be good with no cavities, no gum disease or any other medical issue even teeth grinding. A renewal is needed after 10-15 years depending mostly on how well you take care of them and your overall oral health. Please consult with our specialists here at Antalya Dent Smile here in Turkey for further information and details regarding available dental veneer treatment options.