A New Smile in One Week – Antalya TURKEY

A New Smile in One Week – Antalya TURKEY

Surely you’ve looked in the mirror and felt that your smile doesn’t look like the smiles we see on Hollywood actors, right? Do not feel bad… They are probably reformed smiles designed exclusively to look perfect, beautiful and natural for that person. A new smile is the dream of many patients who seek the Antalya Dent Smile clinic. Below I’m going to tell you about the step-by-step treatment of patients who arrive in Antalya with this dream, and a week later leave completely renewed. You also can have a smile like this!

Arriving in Antalya

Patients usually arrive in Turkey at the end of the day, tired, and with a certain apprehension for not being able to speak the local language. In Turkey, the local language is Turkish, quite different from English. Here you say “Merhaba” to say “Hello” to someone. Our private English speaker driver always awaits patients at the airport holding a sign with their names written on them. No matter what time of the day or night you arrive, someone will always be there to welcome you. Do not worry! Depending on the time of your arrival, we’ll head to the hotel so you can rest until the next day. In rare cases, we go straight to the clinic.

First Day of Treatment

Usually the first day is the most intense. After the driver picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the clinic, you stay at the clinic practically all day. There are several procedures that need to be performed on this day:

  1. We take an X-ray of your mouth/teeth.
  2. You fill out the health form.  
  3. First evaluation with dentists: you share your expectations and they study the previously conceived treatment plan for you and talk about the expected procedures. If necessary, other experts will participate in the consultation to create the best action plan to obtain the desired results.  
  4. After everything is agreed between you and the dentists, it is necessary to fill in the consent forms.
  5. We get you ready to take the photos of your face and bite in our professional studio to send to our lab technicians. (the studio is inside our clinic)
  6. Then you go to the dentist’s chair and we take specific photos of the teeth to record the beginning of your treatment.
  7. With everything ready, the specialist dentist starts preparing your teeth for the start of treatment.

Starting the Treatment

  1. We make 2 impressions of the teeth on the silicone molds. One to know the position of your bite and the other to know the shape of your teeth.
  2. The specialist dentist starts with removing old crowns (if any).  
  3. Then proceed with the preparation of the teeth (“grinding”) to receive the new crowns.
  4. At the end of the preparation, you choose together with the dentist the color, model, type of surface and shape of your new teeth. 
  5. The specialist sends the order for your new teeth to the technicians, and the laboratory needs 3 days to have it done.
  6. Meanwhile, temporary teeth in the same shape as yours are prepared at the clinic, so you don’t stay wıthout teeth while we are waiting for the lab to finish your new teeth.
  7. At this stage, the first payment is made (from 30% to 50% of the total amount)
  8. At the end of the day the driver takes you back to the hotel.

Which Dental Treatments are Performed in Turkey?

There are many dental treatments that Antalya Dent Smile offers and each case requires different procedures. Overall, the most common procedures included in dental treatments for a smile makeover are:

Find out in more detail about each procedure by clicking on the links above.

Second Day of Treatment

In case any surgical procedure is required, it will be done on this day, with an appointment with the specialist surgeon and with local anesthesia. After the procedures you return to the hotel with any necessary medication.

  • Root Canal Treatment (If you have an infection)
  • Tooth extraction
  • Facial Sinus Lift
  • Dental Implants (placement of screws)

These procedures are usually performed without complications and faster than you might think. 

Let me tell you the example of a recent case that needed 2 implants and unilateral sinus lift: From the application of local anesthesia to the completion of the surgery, it took only 30 minutes. The patient was very anxious before the surgery, but in the end he didn’t believe it was over. He was positively surprised by the speed and skills of our surgeon. Meet our team.

*If you do not have to undergo any surgical procedures, your second day is free to explore the city, rest or venture into the local culture.

Third and Fourth Days of Treatment

Since on these days we are waiting for the new teeth to come back from the lab, you are free to enjoy the hotel, explore the city, shop, stroll, or relax. Feel free.

Fifth Day of Treatment

With the new teeth delivered by the laboratory, you return to the clinic, at the appointed time, for the placement of the definitive crowns on the finished teeth. 

Molar implants remain crownless until healing and are completed at a second visit a few months later. For frontal implants a temporary bridge is placed.

  • If any adjustment is necessary, you return for the same day in the afternoon or the next day in the morning.
  • After placing the definitive teeth, you pay the remaining amount.
  • You stay with your new teeth for a day for a “test” of comfort.

Last Day of Treatment

New adjustments may be needed to improve and accommodate your bite and comfort. You have the final say.

After your final approval, with your new teeth and feeling that everything is falling into place, we deliver the documentation of your treatment.

Farewell to Antalya

The driver takes you back to the airport. For most treatments, the cost of your stay is on us!

Duration of Dental Treatments

Almost all treatments that do not require implants need at least 1 visit of 1 week to be completed, due to the wait for the material sent to the laboratory to be returned. 

For gum contouring surgery we usually need the patient to stay in Turkey for 2 or 3 days. A return after 1 month might be necessary to some patients, according to the surgeon’s request.

For Cases with Implants

Each treatment has a different price, and this varies from case to case. A lot depends on what your needs are: dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns and even the dental clinic you will choose. Here at Antalya Dent Smile, in Turkey, we offer products and services of excellence and quality.

To find out the price of your treatment and to clarify any further questions about dental treatments in Turkey, contact us via WhatsApp.