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More and more patients prefer Veneers to get quickly the Hollywood style smile look

Here you will find some answers to your common questions about getting veneers Turkey.

Smile Makeover case via 20 Zirconium veneers

Dental veneers turkey cost

Veneer cost in Turkey is a really important parameter while making the decision. Getting dental veneers is time-consuming and requires skilled & experienced specialists together with the laboratory technician. An average smile makeover is % 60-%70 cheaper than in the UK.  Here are the prices for our practices.

Dental veneers turkey price

Quality and trustable brands also affected the cost of veneers in Turkey. If you are looking for nice results with no shortcuts, and veneers to use for the long term it won’t be cheaper than £150 per zirconium crown, or less than £210 per Emax veneer in Turkey. 

The total price for your veneers will be based on your finalized treatment plan after the live consultation done in the clinic.

Patients who have bruxism can get their teeth done with zirconium veneers

Dental veneers turkey clinic

You will see so many dental centers while looking for a place to get your veneers done in Turkey. All will be looking similar, confusing, prices, and offers. 

Here we prepared a blog text to assist you during your research process while looking for getting your veneers done in Turkey. Our experienced and talented specialists.

How long do veneers last?

Dentistry literature says crowns and veneers should last no less than 5 years. Based on your oral hygiene, habits, and bite position you might use your veneers for a much longer period. Visiting the dentist for oral hygiene check-up appointments, and using dental floss, mouthwash, right brushing technique will help you to expand the lifespan of your veneers.

Veneers in Turkey can be completed in a week while you are enjoying your vacation

Are veneers painful?

Veneer preparation is done under local anesthesia, therefore veneer preparation is painless. It will be lit sore for a few days which is pretty normal. This is because the procedure is minimally-invasive. The only preparation required for veneers is the removal of a thin layer of enamel from your teeth. Here is more information about the dental veneer package in Turkey.

Can I have veneers in Turkey without getting my teeth shaved?

Yes, there is more than one procedure for getting veneers in Turkey without shaving. But those procedures can not be performed on every candidate. These type of veneers has some requirements. Certain alignment, bite position, the position of your teeth, teeth grinding. All these are crucial parameters while planning for your treatment.

What are the options for veneers in Turkey without getting my teeth shaved?

1st option is Non-prep veneers. Can be done for really rare people, teeth won’t be shaved at all. Therefore, no functional changes can be done with this treatment. Prepared in the lab by the technician. Pure porcelain material, a wide selection of shades & shapes available, the warranty provided for chipping and discoloration. The patient needs to have nicely aligned, smaller size teeth.

Absent teeth can be replaced with dental implants then finish with the crowns, so you can get your full chewing function again.

2nd option is composite veneers. Most of the time completed in the clinic by a specialist. Completed in a few hours. The final outcome is limited compared to the veneers and crowns. No warranties can be provided. This technique is used mainly for small repairs like chippings. The logic of the composite bonding is adding resin material on the tooth surface. This way we can catch the symmetry, close the gaps if your teeth alignment is eligible even get a new smile. On our social media account, you will see some of the previously completed dental treatments.

What is a cheaper option than veneers?

Veneers and crowns are irreversible treatments due to grinding on the teeth’ surface. For those people willing to improve their smile without shaving Composite veneers can be the other option. This technique is used mainly for small repairs like chippings. The logic of the composite bonding is adding resin material on the tooth surface. This way we can catch the symmetry, close the gaps if your teeth alignment is eligible even get a new smile.
It can’t be applied to everyone. People has cross-bite, crooked alignment and bruxism can not be candidates for composite bondings.

Getting your veneers done in Turkey will improve your self-esteem

Do veneers turn yellow?

Veneers can be prepared from different materials. No matter what all of them have a porcelain finish on the outside surface. Nicely glazed finish. As long as you clean them daily no stain can be collected in the surface. They don’t change color or turn yellow in time. Veneers and crowns are warranty provided for discoloration.

How much does a full set of veneers cost?

The single zirconium veneer in our practice £170 per each. Based on that price, 20 sets of zirconium veneers £3400. It’s difficult to estimate a cost for any single patient because everyone’s needs are different.

Some functional disorders can be fixed with zirconium veneers by talented & experienced specialists.

Are teeth rotting under veneers?

No. Under normal circumstances, teeth under the crowns or veneers should not rot. In fact, the main purpose of the crown is to preserve your teeth condition for a longer term. As long as your veneers are properly planned, cemented, and maintained, your natural teeth are well protected.

Time Scale: 1 day


Laminate Veneers are covering material used on the front surface of your tooth/teeth. Laminate Veneers are thin slivers of Porcelain or a composite material. Veneers are only suitable for front teeth and premolars. The Veneers are generally 0.5mm – 1.2mm thick. Veneers are mostly used for smile makeovers where the teeth are stained, damaged or slightly chipped. Small gaps between the teeth can also be closed with Veneers. If the teeth are too damaged for Veneers, a Crown would be a better suitable option. Veneers can provide you an instant bright clean smile without damaging the healthy tooth structure. We offer several types of Veneers with a variety of material options to choose from. More and more patients prefer Veneers to  get quickly the Hollywood style smile look.


Types of Veneers


  • Porcelain

Porcelain veneers are a little more expensive but highly durable. Porcelain veneers normally last for 10-15 years but with correct care they might last for up to 20 years. To achieve a firm grip with the Porcelain veneers, the tooth/teeth has to be grind away than other types of veneers.


Porcelain veneers are stain resistant but you still need to brush and floss just like you would with your natural teeth.


  • Lumineers

Lumineers are the highly durable version of the veneers but they are much thinner and translucent. There is no need to grind the teeth/tooth down because they are applied to the front surface of your tooth/teeth. With them being so thin you can still see your natural tooth color underneath. With the right care, Lumineers might last for 20 years and more.


Lumineers are stain resistant but you still need to brush and floss just like you would do with natural teeth.


  • Composite

Composite veneers are a cheaper option and can be applied quicker. They are a quick fix for that perfect looking smile but they stain easier and only last for about 5 years.


Composite veneers are not as stain resistant as porcelain veneers. You need to brush and floss just like you would do with your natural teeth.

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