Turkey Teeth as Known as “Getting Your Teeth Done in Turkey”

Turkey Teeth as Known as “Getting Your Teeth Done in Turkey”

Turkey teeth can be done safely and smoothly in Antalya, Turkey. In fact not only the teeth, for most of the aesthetic operations. Since this trend is getting more popular “getting your teeth done in Turkey” equals “Turkey teeth”.

What are Turkey teeth?

Turkey teeth, getting your smile makeover done with the required list of treatments. Getting your teeth done has main aims;

  • Preserving your teeth’ condition and extending their longevity,
  • Reaching out your dream smile.

This procedure might include different sorts of dental treatments. Such as dental implants, veneers, root canal treatments, etc.

Are Turkey teeth trustable?

Like all around the world there are good, average, and bad. As long as you did your research well you will eliminate the bad apples. One thing to keep in mind is that cheaper doesn’t mean better especially when it comes to any kind of health treatment. While sorting out the cheaper options you most likely keep away the goods. Please question your clinic;

  • Who will complete your dental treatment in Turkey?
  • How long of experience does the dental treatment specialist have?
  • Does the dental clinic in Turkey have the authorization to look after international patients?
  • Laboratory technician has enough experience & talent?

If you have satisfying answers to those questions you will be at some safe dental clinic in Turkey.

How much cost Turkey teeth?

Turkey teeth are a large concept. The final treatment price will be based on your treatment needs. If you have missing teeth? How many are missing? Your alignment, bite position, expectations, etc all will be combined while planning your dental treatment.

I will be on my vacation, can I get my Turkey teeth done in the same week?

Yes, you can get your teeth done while you’re on your vacation. Most of our patients travel to Turkey for a week to get their teeth done. If your treatment plan will require dental implants then 2nd visit will be required. 

Why Turkey teeth look fake?

“Turkey teeth” will be completed mainly with veneers. Veneers offer a wide selection of colors, shapes, and characteristics. Unless you are asking for Fake color & appearance, there are natural shades available.

Veneers offer a very large selection of colors & shapes. Therefore Turkey teeth can be made with very natural too via experienced and talented specialists.


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