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Dr.Dt Doğan KILKIŞ

I am your Orthodontist at AntalyaDentSmile. I am responsible for the treatment of your teeth when it comes to diagnosis and correction of malocclusions, maxillary and mandibular abnormalities, facial and dental irregularities.
With my experience more than 15 years in orthodontic treatment, I am here to diagnose and treat crowded teeth, underbites, poorly aligned jaws not only for adults but also for children.

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AntalyaDentSmile Health Tourism
is a registered member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, with membership number 14401.

  • AntalyaDentSmile is the leading international entity behind Dent Flora Clinic Antalya and our network of partner clinics. Our foundation is built on a team of experienced and academic specialists, proudly holding a health tourism authorization certificate issued by the Ministry of Health.
  • Our mission at AntalyaDentSmile is to meet the needs and expectations of our international patients, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from the moment they begin their journey to Turkey until the completion of their treatment. We continuously  provide superior care.
  • AntalyaDentSmile Health Tourism offers comprehensive services including ticketing, accommodation, transfers, and tours. We are an agency accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, holding all necessary authorization certificates from the Turkish government.

Why to Choose Antalya Dent Smile

Boutique Aesthetic and Dental Treatment Experience
With the new concept of boutique aesthetic and dental treatment experience, we set a new standard of care and offer a concierge-like service during your stay in Antalya. With a boutique experience we can offer more comfort, with a welcoming environment and personalised service to each patient. You decide the date of the trip, buy the plane tickets to Antalya and leave the rest to us. We will organise your treatment appointments, hotel transfers and accommodation based on your personal expectations. A premium and exclusive dental treatment with a cosy and pleasant experience

Well-Experienced & Talented specialists
At AntalyaDentSmile, our main aim is to offer each patient their best possible smile and oral health. We make the ideal diagnosis for each patient, prepare the exclusive treatment plan and always complete it within the time frame. In order to accomplish your new smile and achieve the best result, your treatment will be planned and performed by a physician council, made of internationally recognized specialists in their own fields of expertise.

Our Doctors

EU, UK and FDA approved quality standards

All materials and equipment used at AntalyaDentSmile are approved to the high quality control standards of the EU, UK and USA. We provide you with exceptionally high quality standards and all treatment methods carried out by our specialists are done following worldwide quality standards.

Turkish Hospitality
Starting from the first online approach, the relation between you and AntalyaDentSmile will be at a unique level. With caring and knowledgeable staff members, you will have 24 hrs assistance available during your treatment. At our clinic, you will be known by your name and your expectations, characteristics, phobias will be considered in every step of your treatment.


Our certificates
We possess all necessary medical and technical certifications. Here you can see all of them.

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