Smile Makeover

A confident smile will not only help you shine in the crowd, but will also make a positive impression on people

Time Scale: 3-5 days


When you meet new people, your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A confident smile will not only help you to shine out in the crowd but will leave a positive impression on people as well.


Cosmetic dentistry options used to construct your smile makeover consists of using veneers or implants. We are able to show you the end result before we start with the treatment by using the latest technology and computer softwares in the field. All we need is to take a few photos and upload them into the computer, our software does the rest. 


Cosmetic dentistry such as a smile makeover might be considered in case of being unhappy with the smile line, having chipped tooth/teeth or any discolouring of the teeth that teeth-whitening treatment can not cure. The level of whiteness of the tooth/teeth can be determined during the consultation.

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