Since it is pretty expensive in the UK, a lot of patients are choosing dental centers in Turkey for dental treatments. In order to offer you a more comfortable dental treatment experience, we are preparing dental treatment packages for you. You only deal with your flights and rest will be managed by us.


The dental treatment process starts with the online consultations, then moves on to your suitable dates & booking your flight. Based on your needs, it might be completed in one visit or might require more.  Then manage your way to the airport in your city.  The rest is included in the package.


-Once you arrive at the Antalya international airport, we will pick you and treatment/vacation week will begin.

-Dropping you to your hotel, which can be included in the treatment package,

-Getting you to the clinic for consultation, scans, treatment,

-Taking you back to the airport after your treatment is done,


Here is a quick video of how the dental package deal 


Depends on your treatment, but most of the time patients have their half of the week for their own. You will have enough time to discover the town, ancient ruins, tanning on the beach while getting your dental treatment.

How much this plan cost depends on the treatment plan, please check with us about your treatment options. 

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  1. Sheryl King

    I would like more info on your dental packages all-inconclusive. I’d be traveling from San Francisco. I currently have 2 crowns on my two front teeth that need to be replaced but want options as I want to make a better smile. I hate to smile because my teeth are getting so ugly. I have these crowns for 25 years and are needing replaced.

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