With this pioneering technology, it is much easier and comfortable to get healthy, beautiful teeth and a carefree smile without any age limitations. Invisalign offers you a brand-new option with your dental alignment treatment with its removable, easy-to-use and nearly invisible features.

The first stage of this orthodontic treatment is getting a digital measurement with a state-of-the-art 3D oral scanner of the teeth and planning the treatment according to obtained measurements. The digital treatment plan enables patients to see each step and the perfect results before the treatment even begins. This provides a unique experience for our patients. In the second part of the treatment different-sized aligners are created specific for the patient with the use of 3D printers and the latest technology dental materials. Each aligner is replaced after ten to fourteen days of usage. By changing the aligners in series, the teeth are moved by applying force in desired angles. The pain occurring during this treatment felt by the patient with invisible aligners is four-times less than the traditional metal braces.

For Invisalign treatment to be successful, the aligners must be worn up to 20-hours a day. The treatment duration takes about nine to fifteen months -depending on the level of crowding*- and the patients will need six to eight weeks of progress monitoring. The success of the treatment will depend heavily on the range of patient’s usage of the invisible aligners.

The removable aligner technology provided by Invisalign will enable you to have a unique experience by being able to maintain the regular oral hygiene routines with ease, enjoying your meals and preserve your beautiful smile in special occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies, graduation parties and/or sports activities without the limitations of metal braces.

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