Dental Implant
Dental implants are cylinder-shaped, titanium screws. Dental implants are used to complete our missing teeth, in order to achieve the aesthetic look as well as re-creating your chewing function. To create a smile makeover; well-aligned teeth, a symmetric, complete set of teeth are the main parameters. The dental implant is the most effective way to...
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dental implants antalya dent smile
All About Dental Implants In Turkey Here you will see all about  dental implants in Turkey. Which one? How much? Is it painful? We at Antalya Dent Smile take great pride in providing you with a constant supply of pleasant smiles. We have produced a dental implant guide for you in which you will find...
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Dental implants are tissue compatible special titanium alloys, which are used to complete the void of a tooth by implementing in the jawbone. It has been used in dentistry for 35 years and its use of areas is expanding for the patient’s advantage with each passing day as the material technology progresses. A Dental implant is...
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